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  • A Bite of China

China is a country rich in culinary traditions, and naturally has had its share of television programs on food.

"A Bite of China", The documentary series starts off its journey with a view into the diversity of China's natural landscapes and how that impacted food cultures in different regions.

According to the series director Liu Wen, the stories included in "A Bite of China" look not only at food but how it reflects societal changes. Having started shooting in March 2011, the series covers 60 locations throughout China.

A Bite of China 01 Gift of Nature(HD)

A Bite of China 02 The Story of Staple Food(HD)

A Bite of China 03 Inspiration for Change (HD)

A Bite of China 04 The Taste of Time(HD)

A Bite of China (English Version Chinese Subtilte) Ep.5 舌尖上的中国 (英文版中字) 第5集

A Bite of China 06 A Perfect Blend of Five Flavors (HD)

A Bite of China 07 Our Farm (HD)

A Bite of China Season 2 Ep1: Footsteps (English subtitles / caption)

【A Bite of China Season 2】 Ep2 with English subtitle(舌尖上的中国II Ep2)

【A Bite of China Season 2】 Ep3 with English subtitle(舌尖上的中国II Ep3)









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